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NAWBO Members Only: Now How About You? Hosting a Brief Is Great Exposure!

We’ve taken a hiatus from Breakfast Briefs and with the advent of spring – and hopefully warmer weather – we want to invite members to again consider hosting a small gathering at their place of business.


What Is It? An hour or so gathering hosted by a member, for members only. The host typically takes 15-20 minutes to introduce her business and share some useful (non-sales-y) information, and those gathered introduce themselves as well.

Where Is It? We suggest having it at your place of business, or you can decide on a central meeting place – it’s your choice.

When Is It? Some members have suggested we open up the time of day, as mornings don’t always work for everyone. And we listened! So your Brief can be at breakfast time, mid-day, or later for cocktails. Again, it’s your choice.

What Day of the Week? We’ve limited Briefs to the last Tuesday or Thursday of the month. Surely there’ll be a month that works for you! And, please note, Briefs can continue through the summer months if you choose.

Why Should I Host? Because it’s a fabulous way to engage with members, to showcase your business, and to support your #nawbosisters.

What To Do: Contact Lisa Coppola at or 839-9700 to choose your date and time of day. We’ll talk about your date as well as how and what you can write up as a very short description of what’s planned that we can use in newsletters and on our website. NAWBO will promote you and your Brief for approximately four weeks in advance of the date.

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