#OwningIt, Nancy Rizzo

Business: Nancy Rizzo Life & Mindset Navigation Coach
Founder: Nancy Rizzo
Industry: Life Coaching

Nancy Rizzo is a Certified Life & Mindset Navigation™ Coach with trademarked systems that have created life-changing results for her clients over the past nine years. They answer the important question “How?” How do we successfully navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges that “anchor” us? And how do we stay positive through it all? We may feel like we know “the How” intellectually, but are we actually executing it?

Nancy’s systems and tools are based on the art and neuroscience of change: retraining and re wiring brain habits, thoughts, and beliefs so you can get off that old default mindset and onto your new life story.
Her coaching philosophy is based on consistently choosing “Mindset First and Action Second” so you can be successful – making choices that you can actually execute from authenticity and integrity. “You are here for a purpose, and you are meant to be happy” is the foundation of Nancy’s coaching practice, Smart & Simple Wellness.

Nancy is a Speaker, Instructor, Group and Personal Coach, and Author. Her story, “Trust: A New Way to Navigate,” published in “Speaking Your Truth, Vol III, Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women,” is about her journey – in leaping faith and paralyzing fear – as she quit her job and launched her coaching practice while everyone was asking, “what’s a life coach?!?”

With over 30 years business experience and leadership across numerous industries and departments, Nancy specializes in, but is not limited to, coaching women business owners on their pioneering journeys! She is the “woman behind the women” who lights a fire under “hard workin’ womenfolk” and makes them unstoppable!

Nancy volunteers her time supporting and networking women in the community as Vice President of The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), serving on the Board for The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and Secretary of New York State Women, Inc.
Buffalonians, Nancy and her husband of 42 years are blessed with two amazing sons, precious daughter-in-law, and first grandchild!