NAWBO Scholarship Opportunities

NAWBO Buffalo Niagara scholarships are available to members who wish to further their careers with education, training, or courses pertaining to their businesses.

WINGS Scholarship

Application Due by February 15, 2020

This scholarship is for women who are growing their businesses and need support to do so and may not be able to afford the full price for the NAWBO membership. Applicants should have established businesses that have been in operation for at least two years. The scholarship includes a Premier Membership to NAWBO for 1 calendar year ($359.40) and a $15 discount for all nine dinner meetings for that year. The regular price for dinner meetings for members is $35 each. The winner must pay the remaining $20 for their dinner in order to attend the meeting. The total value of this scholarship is $500 and is not transferrable. The winner must attend at least 75% of the dinner meeting events (6 out of 9 meetings) and must actively serve on one of our committees for the entire year. The winner is expected to continue as a full dues-paying member for the following year but is not required.

Applications are due February 15, 2020DOWNLOAD APPLICATION.

Reimbursement Professional Development Scholarship

Applications Due January 31, 2020

NAWBO works collaboratively with its members as well as non-members in fundraising each year to support an annual scholarship. It is only through the dedication of these individuals that a scholarship is available. We thank everyone who attends our fundraising event and contributes to the scholarship fund!

Scholarship Criteria:

The criteria for an award of a scholarship are:

  1. the course furthers the member’s business (enrolled in, attended, and have paid for the subject business course, class, or initiative in prior calendar year);
  2. the member has been an active, dues-paying NAWBO member for at least two (2) years at the time of her application;
  3. the member has actively and consistently participated on a NAWBO committee or other NAWBO initiative for at least two (2) years at the time of her scholarship award;
  4. the member has attended at least 50% of the NAWBO events in the year preceding her application;
  5. the member has been an active participant in NAWBO’s fundraising which efforts provide the needed funds for the scholarship; and
  6. the member remains a dues-paying NAWBO member for at least two (2) years after receiving the scholarship.

The criteria is reflected in the scholarship application which can be downloaded here, and applicants will be expected to acknowledge and agree to their obligations as set forth in this criteria. To be clear, a NAWBO scholarship is conditioned on the recipient’s adhering to and complying with the conditions set forth above.

For professional development activities that took place the 2019 calendar year, the scholarship deadline is January 31, 2020.  

Please forward your scholarship application to NAWBO Buffalo Niagara, P.O. Box 1165, Orchard Park, NY 14127 or via email

Click Here to Download the Scholarship Application

Applications initially will be reviewed and analyzed by NAWBO Buffalo Niagara’s Scholarship Chair and Committee, both of whom have been delegated this important responsibility by the Board of Directors.  The Scholarship Chair and her Committee will recommend to the Board the applicant(s) whom they believe are most deserving of the scholarship. The Board will then vote, and the determination of the Board is final.

In general, the review and analysis of scholarship applications will be conducted during the months of February-April, 2020, although this timeframe may vary, depending on circumstances. The award made to the recipient(s) no later than June 30, 2020.

The number, amount, and distribution of any scholarship monies are fully dependent on the success of NAWBO Buffalo Niagara’s fundraising efforts during the year in question. Therefore, it is cannot be emphasized enough that all scholarship applicants are well-advised to participate in fundraising efforts and support the fundraising initiatives. Perhaps the single most important criteria for the scholarship award is continued, active support of NAWBO, its initiatives, and its mission.

Please understand that in order to qualify for a scholarship, the member must be enrolled in, attended, and have paid for the subject business course, class, or initiative. The NAWBO scholarship is meant to be a reimbursement scholarship.

Examples of Local Business Courses, Classes, and Initiatives


Some scholarships have been awarded to members in order to participate in the UB School of Management’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL). The mission of the UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is to unlock human potential, create jobs, inspire wealth and invigorate the greater Western New York economy through entrepreneurial development.

Leadership Buffalo, Inc:

Leadership Buffalo is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 with one mission: to unite existing and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in order to increase their knowledge of community issues, broaden their vision, and enhance their ability to lead.

Canisius College Women’s Business Center:

The WBC is a comprehensive resource for business and professional women, providing real-world expertise to help women business owners gain professional growth. 

Niagara University Family Business Center:

The Center’s mission is to develop and exchange relevant information on family business issues in order to strengthen the stability and long-term viability of family and privately owned business through education, research, and service.

This list is not exhaustive, and members are encouraged and invited to demonstrate the relevance to their business of their selected course, seminar, or training class.

Testimonials by Recent Buffalo-Niagara NAWBO Scholarship Winners

“NAWBO’s gracious and genuine invitation to apply for and be gifted scholarship monies made it so easy to champion all those hard-wired, womenfolk mindsets of hating to ask, difficult to receive, and feeling worthy and deserving to invest in oneself. Ever-grateful to NAWBO’s leadership for the monetary and sincere support!”

Nancy Rizzo, Life & Mindset Navigation™ Coach, Smart & Simple Wellness

Nancy Rizzo, Life & Mindset Navigation™ Coach, Smart & Simple Wellness

“The Scholarship I was awarded from NAWBO allowed me the opportunity to participate in a year-long Leadership Development Course through Leadership Niagara. Leadership Niagara strengthened my leadership abilities and allowed me to better manage my team and my company. The program also connected me to other leaders in Western New York who have acted as mentors and friends to me!”

Jaime Ruggiero, President, Jobena Bar Essentials

Jaime Ruggiero, Jobena Bar Essentials

“The scholarship that I received from NAWBO helped me to continue my education thus propelling me into learning about new opportunities which expanded my business. The scholarship came at a time when I was at a crossroad of which direction to go. The NAWBO scholarship helped me to continue steadfast with my business goals.”

Marcia Brogan, President, Marcia Brogan Insurance Agency

Marcia Brogan, Marcia Brogan Insurance Agency