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Business: Nikki Urquhart
Founder: Break of Dawn International 
Industry: Wellness

The World Health Organization states that in any given year more than 350 million people worldwide will suffer from depression.  The majority of these people are women.

Having suffered approximately 20 years intermittently with depression herself, Founder and CEO, Nickeisha Urquhart knew that several components around the topic of depression were required to bring about changes for the better.  With so many around the world who battle this debilitating condition, many are at a loss as to what to do to help someone in need. “Educating others on depression (symptoms, causes, and natural means to alleviate feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness) is a crucial step in equipping others in providing the support and compassion necessary.

Nickeisha says that she no longer battles with depression today.  She credits her strength to developing her spirituality and learning how to ‘tune out’ voices that conflict with her own inner guide.  With a team of nearly 150 professionals across North America supporting her, she makes it her business to help others break beyond barriers that prevent optimum wellness and productivity.  Break of Dawn International Inc was officially birthed in May 2011.  “We provide access to resources that otherwise might be difficult to find.  It can be very challenging to determine who you can be vulnerable with and share what’s causing contention or a battle within yourself”.

With a vast number of women in North America that have turned tables around in male-dominated industries, starting their own businesses, enduring painful circumstances, overcoming odds thought to be unbeatable…we as women have a powerful voice.  “I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to help other women who are having a difficult time seeing their way forward…especially when we may have been ‘that’ woman at some time in our own lives,” says Nickeisha.

Nickeisha is gathering women entrepreneurs across North America to represent strength and to demonstrate light to other women who are facing a tough time in their own journeys.  A video compilation of some of these “Authentically Powerful” women will be released in the fall of 2016.  The trailer will be released on Oprah.com.

To learn more about this initiative, please visit the website: www.breakofdawninternational.com or email Nickeisha at partners@breakofdawninternational.com or call toll free 1.877.929.2478, ext. 207. 


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