Our President, Paula Greene-D’Amico

The power of words during these unprecedented times can help raise you up, knock you down, or bring you closer together.

In 2020, chances are, you have experienced all three.

This has been a year like no other.  It has been a year of change, evolution, and for some revolution.

How many times, over the past nine months or more, have you been told to be brave, have courage, and stand strong.

Wouldn’t be nice if you heard more of these words:

Thank you…

Love you…

Appreciate you…

Or maybe even:

You are doing a great job…

You are making a difference…

I got this, go ahead, take a day off…

Many of us find ourselves living in fear and yet, we are asked to be brave.

I dare say we are already brave.

Brave enough to fight for our family’s well-being, our business, the right to stay home, the right to meet in person, the right to rally, and the right to vote.

Brave enough to speak up.

Brave enough to speak out.

Brave enough to apologize.

Brave enough to ask for help.

Brave enough to give help.

Brave enough to step back.

Brave enough to step forward.

Brave enough to stand alone.

Brave enough to stand together.

Because together, we are ALWAYS brave.

Paula Greene-D’Amico
Founder and CEO, Blessings by Nature®

In addition to leading the NAWBO Buffalo Niagara Chapter, Paula D’Amico is the owner and creator of Blessings by Nature®, a plant-based business delivering products and services to homes, stores, and offices.  She is also a speaker, published author, 2-time Emmy nominated producer at WKBW-TV, mother, and wife.