NAWBO Soliciting RFP for Website Maintenance and Updating

NAWBO Buffalo Niagara is seeking a website designer/firm to update and maintain the website for a 2-year contract. If you are interested, please view the PDF below.


Questions & Answers

Q. Are you all looking to MOVE the website from one hosting company to another? For example: Dream Host to GoDaddy? Or GoDaddy to someone’s personal server?  Or, are you simply needing someone to do the maintenance mentioned?

A. Ideally, we would just want someone to do the maintenance mentioned. However, we would be interested in hosting pricing and options, if available.

Q. How many events are typically needed for the calendar each month? How will this information be provided? And how soon in advance would we receive this information?

A. We have nine dinner events over the course of the year. The information would typically be in your hands a little over one month before the event via email.

Q. How many graphics/sliders do you anticipate needing each month? Will these photos be supplied or will you need help finding stock photos or need any photography services?

A. We will supply everything, sliders will change on a schedule – that schedule is to be determined (for sure not more than once a week).

Q. How often will you need a custom graphic or image created?

A. once or twice a month

Q. Who currently hosts the site? And who owns and manages the domain?

A. We own it. Hosted locally in Buffalo

Q. Do you want members to register and login onto the website? If yes, let us know more about the access rights of the members? What all functions they can perform in addition to what a normal website visitor does?

A. No, No membership sign in to the website. It is just a standard WordPress website.

Q. What is the process behind event registration? How are members registered for events? Is it something via registered member ID (which is unique to each member)? Please elaborate.

A. Events are pretty straightforward. We ask for their name and a few additional details in the event listing and when that information comes in – we send them a PayPal invoice. There would be nothing the website person would have to do regarding coordinating event registration.